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What We Do


We help businesses reach their potential by providing the right capital structure, driving market demand and forming valuable alliances.

We look for businesses with good technology and good technologists, but with limited market traction.

We help the founders secure IP, build their organization, prove the technology and land key customers.

The end result is a business that is scalable, investable and recapitalized for growth.

What We Look For

  • We look for businesses where we can have strong involvement from day one.
  • We leverage our extensive network and partners to accelerate growth while building sales traction and pipeline
  • Our goal is to drive value and produce significant market returns.
  • We focus on technology that is ready for the market.
  • We help companies restructure to build a stong, investable foundation.
  • We work with companies to build compelling value propositions that are capable of delivering significant market return.


  • Good technology
  • Good technologists
  • Limited market traction
  • High potential


  • Secure the IP
  • Build the organization
  • Prove the technology
  • Land key customers


  • Scalable
  • Investable
  • Recapitalized for growth

We build good businesses around impactful technologies, making them scalable and investable